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Adriano Pewa

Disk Jockey

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Since 1992 he started working in small clubs and private parties in his hometown, Meda (MB).   Over the 90s he becomes official dj for school parties, in some clubs in Milan.   After a long break period and music updating, he specializes in Deep-House genre, without upsetting his musical footprint and remaining firmly to the origins of the "black-house", better known as "Underground music." Music genre: Club-Deep-Progressive / House.   DJ, Sound Engineer and Event Director in several clubs  in Milan, including  BAR CODE, THE SCENES, POINTG, Q21, AFTER BOTOX LA MESSA,SHOCKING,THE CATHEDRAL, VAMPINUP,BATHROOM 69 in Sibari (CS), LOS ANGELES  CLUB in Meda(MB), PALMASERA VILLAGE (NU) AURORA BEACH LIDO DI VENEZIA (VE) and IBIZA SES SAVINES.   International DJ in several clubs in Brazil, including the EXECUTIVO, in the heart of Sao Paulo city, where he will leave his musical imprint to the after of Monday, organized by his friend IVAN BISPO.   MANUFACTURER FOR BACI RECORDINGS. Contacting me at my mobile phone +39 3428644644 or write me an email at the following address:

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